5 Reasons Why You Need to Be at the 2018 SIM Women Leadership Summit

Here’s why you simply cannot afford to miss this year’s event:

  1. You will gain critical leadership skills. There are countless tech and IT events. Whatever your organization needs, there is undoubtedly a conference to support it. The SIM Women Leadership Summit is different because it doesn’t focus solely on tech; we focus on leadership. Our program is full of sessions to help you as a leader, such as the C-Suite Bootcamp, Board Prep, and more!
  2. You will learn to own your unique story. The Moth is an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. We have asked them to facilitate an afternoon workshop to empower our members with skills to secure funding for projects, to justify a headcount increase, to define a new company culture post acquisition; storytelling is at the center of it all! That evening, we’ll host a SIM Women StorySLAM.
  3. You’ll get actionable advice — not just ideas and theory. Whether you’re trying to define digital transformation or whether you’re realizing your workforce of today needs training and development to become the workforce you need tomorrow, we have you covered! Thanks to input from our accomplished Summit Council, sessions will focus equipping you with practical solutions and strategies from people who have actually done it.
  4. You will learn why inclusion is critical to your personal success. In today’s climate, if you’re not addressing diversity and inclusions successfully, you’ll struggle in the war for talent. Our panels on intersectionality, alternative talent pools, and C-We Can, will give you a range of best practices that you can adapt to your own company culture.
  5. You won’t find a network this amazing anywhere else! Seriously, just look at what these folks have to say. To enrich our networking pool this year we will have women whose badges will read “first” because they were the “first” at something groundbreaking like “first to fly a joint space shuttle mission with Japan” or “first woman of color” in their company leadership team. It is empowering to connect with women who have overcome obstacles and advanced their careers.